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Programming SC Timer


SET THE DAY AND TIME:  To do this press the “CLOCK” button and whilst holding it down press the “DAY” button to advance to the current day of the week marked 1 through 7 (Monday through Sunday) at the top of the display, or “HOUR” button to advance to the current hour using the 24 hour clock, or “MIN” to complete the time setting process.  (Then release the “CLOCK” button once setting is complete). 

PROGRAMMING THE UNIT:  Decide what time of the day you want the door to open and what time you want it to close.  Assuming this is the same for each day of the week then we will only use one of the 6 programme events that the timer is capable of controlling.

Press the “TIMER” button on the Control Unit once. 


The display will show “1ON” on the left, indicating we are programming the time to switch on (open the door) within programme setting 1.  (Pressing the “DAY” button will advance the DAY that is being programmed from 1 through 7 then every weekday (1,2,3,4,5) and then weekend (6,7), but leaving it alone will display 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…i.e. every day). 


 Press the “HOUR” and “MIN” buttons to advance the time to the time you want the door to open.

Then press the “TIMER” key once again.  The display will show “1OFF” on the left.

Now repeat the sequence to select the desired close time; (ensure all days are displayed across the top, and then press the “HOUR” and “MIN” buttons to select the desired close time).

Press the “CLOCK” button to complete the programming.  Alternatively if you wish to programme another sequence, e.g. if you initially programmed every weekday (1,2,3,4,5) and now want to programme the weekend (6,7), then press the “TIMER” button again and programme the open and close times for the next programme, (e.g. “2ON” and “2OFF”).  To exit the programming mode when done, press the “CLOCK” button.

P.S. With regard to programming, it is possible to mistake the programme number with the days of the week.  The days of the week are in a row at the very top of the display.  Once you press Timer then pressing Day will advance the day at the top.  It starts with all days selected 1234567 then advances as follows:
1 (Monday)
12345  (Monday to Friday)
67 (Saturday and Sunday)
and back to 1234567

Most people only use one programme if they want the same open and close time every day of the week

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