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Door Will Not Close – Cutout Activated


It is likely that what actually happened was that when the door tried to close, the lower sensor did not detect the presence of the (closed) door, so the motor kept spinning, the cord unwound completely and then wound the other way around the spindle (like a yo-yo effect) lifting the door back up to the cut-out.
To rectify you need to ensure that the cord is wound the correct way again. The easiest way to do this is as follows. Switch the motor power switch off, then unwind the cord manually. When fully unwound, wind the cord two turns anti-clockwise on the pink spindle (as you did when setting up originally). The door should be closed at this point. Advance the timer condition to “ON” using the mode button then turn the motor power on again. The door should open as usual. Then advance the mode to “AUTO” to resume normal operation. The reason you may have had the yo-yo effect will likely be due to one of the following causes:
a) something is preventing the door closing fully like a build up of sawdust underneath it, (in which case it’s easy to clear),
b) the lower reed switch is mounted a little too low, (in which case try mounting it 3-4 mm higher), or
c) the magnet on the door is mounted too far away from the reed switch for it to trigger, (in which case relocate it).
It is similarly possible that the door was operating an opening sequence and failed to activate the upper reed switch, (and the upper reed switch needs to be moved. This symptom can also be caused by physically lifting the door above the upper reed switch when already open. If this happens and the motor power is on, then the system thinks it hasn’t opened properly and the motor spins clockwise (continuing to lift the door) until the door hits the microswitch. To rectify, switch the motor power switch off, and unwind the cord a few turns so that the door is no longer pushing against the cut-off microswitch. Advance the mode on the Control Unit to “OFF” then turn the motor power on again. The door should close as usual. Then advance the mode to “ON” to open (if you want it open), and thereafter to “AUTO” to resume normal operation.

If none of the above conditions apply and the symptom is still apparent then please contact us at CHUXAWAY@GMAIL.COM

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