SC motor only turns in one direction

Does the timer makes a click sound when you step through to ON, and OFF modes using the MANUAL button? If not, please ensure the timer is firmly seated in place – both top and bottom lugs need to be fully home.

Also, if there is no click then please check that the batteries are correctly installed inside the timer. The outermost AAA battery is likely correctly installed (otherwise the clock won’t work), BUT if the other battery is installed the wrong way around, then whilst the clock will still display the time, the timer will not trigger the relay to switch motor direction.

This is definitely worth checking! (The batteries should not both be mounted in the same direction….if they are, then most likely the inner most one is wrongly installed).

Correct installation is as shown below:

Ensure that all batteries are in good condition.

If there is a click as you step through the ON, and OFF modes using the MANUAL button, then check the black battery boxes.
             The one with the red spot is used to open (lift) the door.
             The one without the red spot is used to close (lower) the door.

If you suspect one of the battery boxes, then firstly swap the batteries to see if the fault symptoms change.  If there is no change, try actually swapping the battery boxes with each other (re-connecting them), such that you can check if the fault symptoms change.

Please also click here for an alternative other potential cause.

If you need spare parts or if the fault is still apparent then please contact us at SALES@CHUXAWAY.COM