SC Batteries in Red Spot holder draining prematurely

The SC unit utilises separate battery packs to lift and lower the door.

The box with the red spot is used to lift the door.

If they are draining too fast it is most likely that the door and motor unit are not properly aligned.

It is important to ensure that the cord attaches to the door in a manner that the cord pulls vertically (in all planes) until the rising limit switch is activated, otherwise it will strain if it pulls at an angle at the end of its travel and then it is possible the motor remains engaged instead of cutting out as a result of clean activation of the microswitch………this would result in premature battery exhaustion!

The diagram shows correct engagement of the aluminium door that we supply.

If not using the door that we supply, please ensure that it makes clean contact with the limit switch on the underside of the motor unit, and that the door does not weigh more than circa 1Kg.