What is the maximum weight of door that the Chuxaway kit can operate with?
Ideally, we would advocate a door of approximately 500g weight.  The motor is geared and will lift a heavier door (e.g. 1Kg), but the battery life will be impaired.  If your door is much heavier than 500g then we would recommend converting to an Aluminium door.  See our Door Conversion Kit.

Do you sell a solar powered unit?
No.  Whilst the idea may appeal, the cost of solar panels, charging circuits and rechargeable cells would add to the cost.  Such rechargeable cells have a finite life, and would likely need replacing at a frequency that negates any cost benefit compared to conventional battery replacement.

Can I use a Chuxaway with Rechargeable Batteries or an External Power Supply?
Why would you want to when traditional batteries typically last more than a year?*  Rechargeable batteries have different characteristics to Alkaline/Lithium batteries, and are not suitable for use in a Chuxaway.  External power supplies also present different characteristics and the lack of capacitive effect renders the unit prone to electrical noise which compromises reliable operation – please do not try it!

(* Depends on climate, weight of door and frequency of operation) 

Can I buy spares for my Chuxaway?
Yes.  Spare part prices are available here.