Aluminium Door Conversion Kit

The Chuxaway opener kit utilises gravity to assist the closing of the door, so if your door currently slides horizontally to open, then it will be necessary to convert it such that it opens and closes vertically. 

Alternatively we are pleased to offer a full Door Conversion Kit complete with timber runners, lower stop, and light aluminium door.  (Wood used is either Siberian Larch or treated softwood).

The Door Conversion Kit comes complete with screws, and is available for:
plus £4.95 UK Economy Delivery

Due to shipping costs, we only ship the door conversion kit within the UK.  (It is still available in other territories if purchased together with our opener kit).

The Aluminium Door has a wooden handle, (with hole pre-drilled for cord).  The door weighs circa 0.5lb/250g and measures approximately 300mm high by 220mm wide.  The width including side runners is approximately 300mm.  (The side runners are approximately 52cm long and incorporate a slot within which the door slides).

Note that the door kit is offered at a discount when ordering with a Chuxaway Automatic Door Opener kit.  To benefit from this discount, please visit our Chuxaway Purchase Page.

Buy the Door Conversion Kit (on its own) £29.90 Inclusive of UK P&P: