About us

Chuxaway is a family concern established in the Summer of 2010. 

As a family, we acquired a hen and two chicks, and thus started our chicken journey.  We bought a great hen-house on eBay, but nobody in the family wanted to get up early and let the chickens out.  A basic web search established there was a product that could help, but it was expensive and primarily used the ambient light conditions to sense day and night, with a timer available at extra cost.  Many people keep chickens in close proximity to neighbours and we felt that a programmable timer based solution was essential in order to avoid a “dawn chorus” as early as 4am in the Summer.  We set about designing our own solution.  We had no mains power near the hen house so the solution had to be battery powered, with battery longevity also a key requirement.

Following much prototyping, we established reliable solutions have evolved over the years.  We have thousands of satisfied customers, (as testified by our 100% positive eBay feedback).