Chuxaway Automatic Chicken Door Opener

 Chuxaway Automatic Chicken Door Opener 
A family company supplying Automatic Chicken Door Openers since 2010

Chuxaway Chicken Door Opener


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No more getting up at the crack of dawn to let the chickens out!

We are delighted to offer our latest innovation – the Chuxaway SCX

Features include:
– Easy installation
– Only 3 AA batteries required (installed within the timer control unit)
– No calibration required
– 7 Day programmable timer with Manual Override

Long battery life – e.g. over a year, though this will depend upon the quality of batteries, weight of the door, the number of open/close operations, and climate.  The unit will lift a door weight of up to 1.5lbs (circa 750g), but we recommend our lighter Aluminium Door Conversion option, (weighs circa 0.5lbs/250g).

Separate Motor Control Unit mounted with 4 screws, and Timer Unit with 2 screws, (all included).  There are just two wires to simply connect the Motor Control Unit to the Timer Unit using screw terminals.

The Chuxaway SCX is easy to programme – most people choose a single programme to open at a particular time in the morning and close at a set time in the evening.  However, it is possible to have the door open/close at different times on different days of the week.  In our opinion this control is more flexible than light sensing models – essential for those weekend lie-ins and perhaps as a courtesy to neighbours when dawn can be very early in the Summer!  It is very easy to change the times as the daylight hours change through the season – a process that takes just a few seconds.

The Chuxaway SCX uses a motorised pulley lift and gravity close approach and can be used with vertically opening and closing doors, including Ark styles.  The kit requires a simple screwdriver DIY installation and includes full step-by-step instructions (in English) plus all fixings. 

The Chuxaway SCX motor unit needs to be mounted such that the rising door makes contact with the sensor integrated on the underside of the motor unit when fully open. (9cm space required above door to accommodate the motor unit).

It may be necessary to modify the existing door if it does not open/close vertically, or alternatively see our Door Conversion Kit.

The motor is contained within a weatherproof housing (14cm wide and 7cm high), and can be mounted remote from the control unit.  

The control unit should be mounted under-cover, (i.e. protected from the rain).  If your chicken run does not have a roof you could mount the control unit inside the chicken house itself.  Alternatively, if you are unable to mount under shelter, we have sourced a waterproof enclosure with hinged transparent lid – details available here.